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pmb waste solutions is ready to satisfy your waste needs.

Welcome to pmb waste solutions!

We're offering a variety of services to meet your needs and your budget.

Are you tired of dragging your barrels out to the curbside in the snow and rain?

Call us and put your barrels outside your garage or just leave them on the side of the house with easy access, and we will handle your barrels of trash so you don't have to.

Interested in recycling?

We offer recycling services and document destruction for your business or household documents.

Thinking about cleaning up the garage or backyard?

We have small three-yard containers available. Don't dirty your car with your trash, call us and we will provide a container for you, all you have to do is load it. Visit the services page to get dimensions of our three-yard clean up container.

pmb waste solutions has twenty-four years experience in commercial, residential waste removal and recycling services. We like to work with our customers to resolve their trash issues, and to help our community have a cleaner environment. Call us today if you have any questions about services or if you would just like to sign up.

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